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How to Move Up

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How do you get better jobs? LET'S DISCUSS.

Episode Notes

How do you get better jobs? LET'S DISCUSS.

This episode was put together in a hurry because I am doing a huge pile of work right now (including working as Assistant Stage Manager for Revival Theatre Company's production of Sunday in the Park With George, teaching an online class, and getting ready to publish another book) so it's a little more off-the-cuff than usual. But the information is still good!

Here's where to find Who Pays Writers.

Here's how to learn about Shane Snow's Freelance Ladder. (The relevant part of the video runs between 7:21–15:27.)

Here's the "when bands realized they made it" Reddit thread.

Here's where you can preorder Frugal and the Beast, The Billfold's first book!